The story of Vanicovers® starts like any typical family or pet owner enjoying
an outdoor adventure with their pet.

Hi, I am Geoff Phillips. My Family and I live in San Diego, CA. We are excited
to share an innovative concept with you known as VaniCovers® For Pets.

One day after a lovely family afternoon on our local beach in Del Mar I joined my oldest son Benji, his youngest son Ami and their adorable pooch Scrappy at the groomer.

When I heard the cost coming to over $40 with the tip and considered the annual expense I flipped! I did some research and realized that most pet owners are at a disadvantage when it comes to home grooming if they wish to avoid a mess or hurt their backs bending over in awkward positions.

That was almost 2 years ago!

Re-Think YOUR Sink! TM

I created VaniCovers® with these these issues in mind and have created a product that allows for a clean, costly and safe solution to washing your pet at home.

At the end of the day, all pets deserve to be given the best bathing experience available ... both regularly and at an
affordable price! For all the reasons expressed in our Kickstarter campaign , we want to share our project with you and
hope that you, too, will endorse why we have em-"barked " ( pun intended!) with gusto on this fabulous exciting project
from our Family ( See next page!) to you, your Family and Friends.

Please consider the benefits of this endeavor from our Kickstarter Video . We hope you will come on board, enjoy the
rewards we have created for you regardless of your contribution and support our campaign.

Thanks for watching... and ... we hope to welcome you aboard

The Phillips Team